Good Luck Charms in Jewelry 2022

Not-So-Known Good Luck Charms for 2022

Surely, our future is defined by what we are doing at present, which majorly involves karma, but what adds to the shine of what's coming next, is your lucky charm! As per beliefs, wearing certain charms as jewelry may add the much needed luck in your life. Here's presenting 10 not-so-known 'Good Luck Charms' that can add the luck factor to your coming days of year 2022:
  • Elephants

Since centuries, elephants have been a symbol of vigor. Even in ancient folklores, the elephant have been depicted as the symbol of wisdom and bravery.

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  Elephant Chatri Earring
Elephants are also considered to be markers for new beginnings. Adorning this charm is believed to attract auspicious events in your life, also adds to to your strength and wisdom. 
 Elephant Framed Earring Elephant Framed Earrings

In Hinduism, Lord Ganesha , the elephant-headed deity is believed to remove obstacles and bring new beginnings in life of his devotees. The start of every occasion is therefore traditionally marked with worshiping Lord Ganesha.

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  • Albatross

 As per ancient myths, the albatross was considered a sign of good luck by sea sailors. The albatross, in modern times, symbolizes hope and freedom.
    Though it is still considered a sign of new travel and associated with wanderlust, it is also seen as an landmark of a love journey like, meeting a soulmate, or growth in a relationship, and getting unconditional love from your partner.
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    • Arrow Head

    Arrow heads have always been a part of folklore all around the world, speaking of heroism, achievements and bravery. Arrowheads, worn as charms in jewelry, are believed to ward off evil, thus paving way for the wearer 's success in life by bringing good luck.

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    Arrowhead Crystal Finger Ring  Dual Tone Arrow Head Earrings (Sterling Silver)

    It is also said the wearer also attains high and free spirit, inspiring him to travel, or get start a journey towards his/her life goals. 

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    • Pyramids and Triangles

     Pyramids are often represented as the mystery and the unknown, but little do people know that it is also a representation of the cycle of life. Both pyramid and triangles are used as a symbol of enlightenment, and the journey of the inner soul.
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    Pyramid Jhumka 
    The triangle has symbolically been used to represent the balance, majorly of the mind, body and soul, and also the male and female energy. In Hinduism, Om is represented through an arrangement of triangles known as the Yantra. In Christianity, the triangle is a symbol of the Holy Trinity : the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.
    The triangle also represent the Third Eye Chakra or the Ajna Chakra, which is considered as the gateway of spiritual awakening, and "the seat of intuition". The triangles and pyramids used as charms, are therefore reminders of inner strength and belief in one's energy, thus driving us towards good fortune.
    Fun Fact: The Resurrection Stone in the Harry Potter Series was also represented through triangles and pyramids ;)
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    • Dolphins

    Dolphins have forever been a cheerful memory for anyone who has had an encounter with them. These joyful creatures are used as charms in jewelry bringing the wearer, success in the field of art including music, literature and painting. In earlier days, they were good omens for the sailors, and also symbolize divine protection
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    • Bees

    Bees, though repelled by many for their sting, are surprisingly quite a charmer for good luck, since ages. They are believed by many to bring success in business, thus representing wealth and prosperity.
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    • Fishes

    Fishes are considered auspicious in many ancient cultures including Chinese, Egyptian, Japanese, and Indian. They are jewel charms for wealth and prosperity, and are believed to bring good luck in the surroundings. 
       Fish Twins, to be particular, are considered good luck charms for a healthy love life. The twins are also believed to be a charmer of good finances and prosperity.
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    • Owl

    Don't be taken aback, as we mention to you that owls are direct symbols of good luck. Known as Fukuro in Japanese, where fukuro literally means 'luck to come', owls are a representation of good fortune as per ancient believes. Owls are worn as charms to represent wisdom and deep thinking, as considered in Greek mythology.
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    • Bamboo

    Bamboos are considered good luck charms in both Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui. Bamboos are believed to attract well-being, wealth, prosperity, and abundance in the life of the possessor.
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    • Feathers

    Among the various beautiful representations by the feathers, they majorly indicate hope and freedom. Thus, working as a charm to remind the wearer to have hope in themselves, and inspire them towards growth and strength.
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    Adorning good luck charms may bring in just the right amount of light in your regular days, but remember, it is always the blend of hard work, belief in oneself, and good luck, that makes everything worth it. Just wearing the charms can't guarantee success in life, and is no replacement to hard work or self-belief. Similarly, as believed, adding these beautiful charms to your jewelry collection, does no harm and may welcome good luck into your life.  
    If you liked reading about these charms, please don't forget to share it in your circle, and in case we have missed out on some 'not-so-known' good luck charms that you know of, please comment down below about it, and also share with us some good luck charms that you believe in :) 
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